Long-range planning. Maximized community input. And enabling decision-makers to prioritize resources for growth and development. This is what the Elmhurst Park District 2020 project is all about.

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Elmhurst Park District Vision 2020

Elmhurst, IL

Vibrant culture. Easy access to multiple transportation options. Strong sense of pride in the community. Amazing tacos. These are just a few of the reasons why the Clark Street corridor in Rogers Park has such a bright future.

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A community-led vision to revitalize the heart of Rogers Park.

Rogers Park, IL

“It was great getting to work with Lakota! Their team of dedicated professionals were very knowledgeable and passionate. They worked very well with staff to produce a Historic Preservation Strategic Plan that all organizations are utilizing to strengthen our community!" - Amber Rojas, Historic Preservation Officer

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Tyler Historic Preservation Plan

Tyler, Texas

Lakota loves the Quad Cities. One of our very first projects as a firm was to painstakingly create a hand-drawn corridor plan for the Mississippi River with Kathy Wine and River Action. 23 years after that labor of love, we have continued to work on both sides of the river, designing neighborhoods, preserving history, and strengthening community. — Mississippi River and the Quad Cities

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Working along the mighty Mississippi with our partners and friends for almost a quarter century.

Quad Cities, Illinois/Iowa

"WOW! Know your stuff, professional, creative, personable and get the job done. Produced an award-winning Master Development Plan, which the SSMID Commission has been following to a T." — John Albert, Master Development Plan, Chair | MedQuarter Regional Medical District, Cedar Rapids Iowa

Historic towns. Former industrial sites. Acres of wide-open spaces teeming with wildlife. Lakota has been up to its elbows in the Calumet, helping to tell the story and build the future for over 900 square miles at the foot of Lake Michigan. From Pullman to environmental restoration to new recreation, things are happening down there, and we are proud to be a part of it. — Southeast Chicago and the Calumet Region

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Two states, hundreds of communities and one Great Lake: Building allies for a better future.

Southeast Chicago & Calumet Region, Illinois and Indiana

Creating places where community thrives is at the heart of a university’s mission. Lakota has been proud to work with Notre Dame for over a decade on three separate large-scale projects that serve not only the university but the people of South Bend, as well. — University of Notre Dame Projects

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Building Notre Dame’s campus and community for over a decade.

The University of Notre Dame: South Bend, Indiana

Hubbard Woods Park—in the heart of downtown, next to the train station, a quick walk from schools—had gotten a little quiet, a little threadbare. A traditional playground next to the road and parking deck didn’t get much action and the old Home Alone pergola was standing up out of sheer habit. Lakota challenged the community to take a fresh look, and the result is amazing. Kids and families swarm the park. The nearby bagel shop can’t make sandwiches fast enough. Empty storefronts are filling up. Now those are results. — Hubbard Woods Park Redesign

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From Home Alone to home again—the heart of Winnetka ready for a new generation.

Hubbard Woods Park Master Plan: Winnetka, Illinois

We love working in Texas, where folks are rightfully proud of their state’s unique history as the Lone Star State. But when you’re in San Antonio, the site of the actual Alamo, historic preservation is absolutely worth the fight. Lakota was proud to prepare San Antonio’s multi-faceted historic preservation plan, and is confident that with this strengthened program, San Antonio’s historic treasures will stay safe and sound for a long time to come. — San Antonio Strategic Historic Preservation Plan

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A 10-gallon-size historic preservation plan deep in the heart of Texas.

Strategic Historic Preservation Plan: San Antonio, Texas

What were we thinking with these downtown pedestrian malls? Oak Park knew it could do better, and so did Lakota. Two projects and four awards later, the result is a beautiful pedestrian-friendly street in the heart of downtown lined with restaurants, shops and passers-by hoping for a chance at stardom. — Downtown Oak Park, Illinois

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Camera-ready, award-winning, pedestrian-friendly downtown makes news.

Marion Streetscape Design: Oak Park, Illinois

Lakota’s campus master plan reflects the values and mission of this progressive education school, and has inspired enthusiastic support from the community, parents and donors. — Baker Demonstration School

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Campus planning on the smallest, most magical scale.

Baker Demonstration School Campus Master Plan: Wilmette, Illinois

Lakota thought outside the box on this one, bringing creativity and design skill to a project that made St. Cloud, sometimes seen as part of the greater Minneapolis region, realize its own greatness. — St. Cloud Placemaking Plan

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Making St. Cloud GREATER through placemaking, video and sheer creativity.

St. Cloud Placemaking Plan: St. Cloud, Minnesota

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Clark Street Brand Guide

Chicago, IL