Tyler Historic Preservation Plan

Tyler, Texas
  • Engaged over 200 community members and conducted over a dozen focus group and interview sessions
  • Recommended Five new Architectural Survey Areas
  • One National Register District Nomination is being undertaken since the plans adoption. 280 out of 350 of properties within the proposed district  are contributing resources of mostly mid-century high-style ranch homes.

In 2016, the City of Tyler, in collaboration with Tyler residents and stakeholders, initiated a process to prepare the community’s first Historic Preservation Strategic Plan.  The Plan comes at a time when many Texas communities continue to experience significant growth and development while seeking ways in which to preserve and maintain the assets that make their communities distinctive and define a community’s sense of place and quality of life.  The Tyler Historic Preservation Strategic Plan was created to provide new strategic directions for the historic preservation program in Tyler that built on past preservation successes, considered new preservation policies and initiatives, promoted preservation as a revitalization tool for Downtown Tyler and its surrounding neighborhoods, and strengthened existing public-private partnerships.

The process for preparing the Historic Preservation Strategic Plan represented a unique opportunity for the Tyler community to assess the effectiveness of the current preservation program, understand current issues and constraints to preservation, and consider a set of planning strategies and initiatives that address critical preservation planning concerns. As such, the planning process included a robust public engagement plan meant to gauge community attitudes and opinions regarding preservation issues and potential planning strategies, as well as help create a sense of ownership and accountability for implementation of the plan. Dozens of focus groups and interview sessions were held, two community open-houses were conducted, and a Steering Committee was created to help guide the Plan’s development and provide critical feedback on potential planning goals and initiatives. The result, a Historic Preservation Strategic Plan that represents a community supported vision helping to shape the City’s economic vitality and built environment for future generations.