Central District Land Use and Zoning Update

Highland Park, Illinois

The Lakota Group led a team, which included Duncan Associates, to prepare a master plan for two largely underdeveloped portions of Highland Park’s otherwise successful downtown. The goal of the Highland Park land use and zoning study was to determine the optimal land-use mix, urban design components, and regulations needed to support new development while maximizing the potential of the transit-oriented areas. The process included a detailed examination of existing buildings, urban form, open spaces, streetscapes, and zoning regulations in order to understand the elements and conditions that contribute to the downtown’s physical structure and appearance. Multiple development concepts were created for each target area and presented to the community. The concepts represent a range of land uses and building heights and layouts, while balancing parking, open space, transportation linkages, streetscape character, and sustainability. The visions led to zoning amendment recommendations, which were approved by the city.