LAM JulyI opened up my July issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine and started flipping through the pages, looking for some cool designs and inspiration. After reading a few articles, I turned the page and saw some wire trees. I said to myself, ‘This is cool–I did the same type of thing as my first project in grad school at Illinois Institute of Technology and the same idea is being featured in LAM.’

I then started to read the article, without looking at the names of the designers of the trees, and it turned out to be a blurb about my professor Peter Osler and our program. I was instantly ecstatic. For being such a young program and being recognized like that in LAM, of all places, was exciting. After reading the article I started looking closer at the different trees featured on the page and one of them looked very familiar. Keep in mind, when I built my tree out of wire, it took a good 60 hours, so I was very familiar with my tree, the Box Elder. I then saw my name written above and couldn’t believe that my work was actually part of, and published in, Landscape Architecture Magazine. This is my first time being published as a young designer, and hopefully not the last!

Click here for a link to a digital version of July’s issue of LAM. The article mentioned above is featured on page 40-41.