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Andy Cross AICP

Senior Associate

Andy has nearly twenty years of experience as a municipal planner, first in a suburb of the Twin Cities and later as a Senior Planner in Highland Park, Illinois.  Working with Preservation Commissions, Architecture Review Commissions, Plan Commissions, and City Councils, he has shaped local policy and helped citizen planners and preservationists make effective decisions through dedicated training and leadership. Andy has experience working with the development community, guiding them through the local regulatory environment to realize their vision while making a positive impact to the built environment and to the communities they are part of.  Andy is an Advisor with DePaul University’s Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, speaking in graduate courses and bringing planning professionals together through the Municipal Design Review Network to discuss common concerns and find creative solutions.  Andy is also active with the Illinois Chapter of the American Planning Association, participating in regular events and presenting at annual State Planning Conferences.