We are beyond thrilled to welcome MORGAN HARTY to our growing team. Morgan is a landscape architect with an expertise in green infrastructure techniques focusing on stormwater management and water conservation.

The New Year also brought new projects…
We are kicking-off our work on CHICAGO’S GREEKTOWN MASTER PLAN, which seeks to maintain the cultural identity of the neighborhood that has long been home to some of Chicago’s best restaurants and destination businesses.

The Lakota Group is also working with Racine to develop the City’s HERITAGE PRESERVATION PLAN. The purpose of the Plan is to formulate and identify specific, realistic, and achievable strategies for enhancing Racine’s current heritage preservation program and initiatives.

And we continue our work with cities and communities around the country, including the City of Moline on their I-74 REALIGNMENT ZONE, the City of San Antonio on the MISSION DISTRICT DESIGN GUIDELINES, and the City of South Bend’s HOWARD PARK.

In December, we also completed THE LINCOLN AVENUE REVITALIZATION STRATEGY for the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce.

The Lakota Group is also excited to expand its team! Click here for more details.