We at Lakota pride ourselves on being able to listen to folks, synthesize what we hear about their values, histories and goals, and then pull it all together into a creative whole. So when faced with the need to take a deep look at our own Lakota brand, it was a rare chance to sit on the other side of the table.

The industry has changed since the firm was founded 23 years ago—how have we? What kind of work drives us? What does Lakota mean at its core? And how does our visual presence—as reflected in our logo, written materials and our website–reflect all of that?

Every one of our talented (and sometimes opinionated!) designers and professionals pitched in, and the result is a whole new look on every level. Gone is the sturdy bronze and in its place a vibrant orange. We have increased our commitment to user-friendly reports—clearly written and beautifully designed—and to images and videos that tell the story in a moment.

This was quite a process but we are proud and energized by the result.

We are Lakota. Your Allies in Place.