Touhy Triangle Master Plan

Niles, IL

The Touhy Triangle Master Plan provides the Village of Niles with the land use framework necessary to achieve the community’s vision for a new mixed-use town center. The proposed development plan was based on the over-arching goals of enhancing the Village’s economic vitality, fostering a greater sense of community, providing opportunities for recreation and entertainment, and promoting arts and culture within the Village.
Within the Plan, a range of development concepts were tested in several sub-areas that allowed for flexibility of use, diverse ownership conditions, phasing alternatives, and evolving real estate market factors. With many of the site’s existing industrial buildings facing functional obsolescence, the plan also explored a range of potential building types and development products that the Village could draw from when taking proactive steps towards implementation.
The Touhy Triangle Master Plan was formally adopted by the Village in November 2016, with initial steps toward implementation currently underway.