Trail Wayfinding and Pavilion Design

Dixon Waterfowl Refuge, IL
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The Lakota Group led a master planning process for the 3,000 acre Sue and Wes Dixon Waterfowl Refuge at Hennepin and Hopper Lakes in 2017. A recommendation from that plan included developing a wayfinding and signage program to encourage public awareness and use of this natural area while preserving and protecting its rare and sensitive habitat. This led to the development of wayfinding for Sandy Hollow, a portion of the property that includes two trail loops that pass through multiple unique ecosystems and wildlife habitats. The sign system marries natural wood and stone materials with clean, modern forms to create a cohesive design and hierarchy of information.

In addition, Lakota designed a pavilion overlooking the refuge in honor of the organization’s founder, Al Pyott. The pavilion’s design was sited in a location and orientation that frames a view of the restored wetlands below. The cedar pavilion offers shelter from the elements, and its cantilevered form provides an open and airy appearance tucked in the woodlands, making it feel like it has been there for years.