Pleasant District

Oak Park, Illinois

Following the success of Marion Street, the Village of Oak Park engaged The Lakota Group to develop streetscape designs, plans, and construction documents for South Marion. While the material palette was mostly defined by the previous design process, there were unique challenges and goals associated with this new phase. Wider street widths prompted the use of additional overhead roadway lights. An increased focus on Complete Streets led to subtle modifications to crosswalks and alley crossings. The area as a whole rebranded itself as the Pleasant District during the process and the design was coordinated to reinforce the new brand, including a custom gateway signage element. Lakota designed a light element over the offset intersection of Marion and Pleasant Streets to help define a sense of place and to visually draw visitors down into the Pleasant District from Downtown Oak Park to the north. Custom elements, such as granite bollards and lighting, help connect to an adjacent park and tie the street back to the neighborhood in an authentic way.