Peoria Avenue Bus Rapid Transit Plan

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The City of Tulsa, Oklahoma is in the planning stages of implementing new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service for Peoria Avenue, a main north-south corridor adjacent to downtown. The current ridership for the local bus along Peoria is the highest in the city. The new branded BRT will feature 36 upgraded stations, nine new buses, real-time arrival screens, and traffic signal priority, as well as better security and improved physical conditions around the stations. Three levels of stations were created, the highest category being “enhanced,” which will feature a more amenities. Lakota is currently developing an implementation plan to link this improved service to the future land use map and the city’s transportation plan, providing an integrated vision for the seven “enhanced” station areas.

As part of this process, our team is creating strategies for connecting BRT to a form-based approach to development/redevelopment, planning for the positive physical impacts and inevitable evolving land uses associated with a new transit service, and shaping the discus-sion about better placemaking within the public realm.