Park District of Highland Park Comprehensive Master Plan

Highland Park, Illinois

The Lakota Group, along with PROS Consulting, Gewalt Hamilton Associates, and PHN Architects led a comprehensive planning process for the Park District of Highland Park. Based on a thorough evaluation of existing park amenities and a robust community engagement process, the Lakota team developed a plan that established a clear set of goals, policies, and standards for the Park District’s open space, trails, recreation facilities, and programs.

When I think about The Lakota Group, I think about team and how we all come together and work as one for the good of the community. In my 35+ years of public service, I do not think that anyone is better than Scott Freres in engaging the community and making them feel a part of the process. The time and energy he spends on that Engage phase is simply remarkable.Liza McElroy, Executive Director, Park District of Highland Park

The final product, GreenPrint 2024, was widely received and established Lakota as a leader in comprehensive park planning within the region.