North Clark Street Strategic Plan

Lakeview, Chicago

The Lakota Group led a team, including Goodman Williams Group and Sam Schwartz Engineering, to prepare a Strategic Plan for the North Clark Street Corridor in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. The study involved a comprehensive effort to develop strategies and implementation tools necessary to promote, attract, and retain new and existing businesses along a portion of Clark Street that has seen little investment over the past decade. The team assessed streetscape and urban design character and physical conditions within the Corridor, as well as market and transportation related issues and opportunities. Key recommendations include undertaking a streetscape project to expand sidewalk widths and add valuable public space, implementing People Spots to temporarily provide gathering areas for the community, and working with building owners to redevelop or find users for vacant spaces.

The Lakota Group received a Merit Award for the North Clark Street Strategic Plan from the American Society of Landscape Architects Illinois Chapter in 2015.