Landmark Inventory

Evanston, IL

Lakota led a team of surveyors in completing an inventory of more than 400 Evanston Landmarks located outside the City’s existing National Register and Local Historic Districts. The inventory included field documentation using an Apple iPad and customized survey software, and extensive building permit research carried out by a team of volunteers managed by the Evanston Preservation Commission. Historic resources documented as part of the inventory included a mix of residential, commercial and institutional building types and architectural styles ranging from Queen Anne and Revival Styles to Art Deco, Mid-Century and other Modern expressions. Several academic and residential buildings located on the campus of Northwestern University were also inventoried as part of this assignment. This project was funded by a Certified Local Government Grant from the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.
The inventory will allow the Preservation Commission to gain a more thorough understanding of each landmark’s existing integrity and past alterations — information critical to conducting effective Certificate of Appropriateness reviews.