The Irish Green Of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Indiana

The Irish Green at the University of Notre Dame is a major new open space created on the south edge of campus along Edison Street. This 20-acre park provides a front door to the campus and a physical link between Notre Dame and South Bend’s Northeast Neighborhood. Framed by the University’s new Performing Arts Center, it complements the building’s architecture with its simple, organic design. The Green was created as a place for students, local residents, and visitors to come together in an elegant setting and experience a variety of spaces, including multiple gardens, a shaded bosque, large playground, campus Christmas tree, donor recognition area, and performance/pep rally lawn. The same palette of materials (such as stone walls, outcropping stone boulders, brick paver banding, benches, and lighting) are used throughout these individual spaces to create a cohesive open space. The Green was built in multiple phases over a period of three years to align with the University’s budget and the desire to keep portions of the park open during the school year.