Comprehensive Plan

Pryor Creek, OK

In 2015, the City of Pryor, in collaboration with Pryor citizens and stakeholders, initiated a year-long process to create its first Comprehensive Plan since 1974—a Plan that creates a new strategic vision and direction for Pryor that capitalizes on the community’s existing assets, including its neighborhoods, excellent schools, the nearby MidAmerica Industrial Park, community services, and local parks and recreational amenities. This new Comprehensive Plan comes at a time when the Pryor community is seeking ways to enhance its economic and civic vitality while addressing the challenges of aging infrastructure and limited financial resources.

In addition to a new strategic vision, the Comprehensive Plan also provides strategies for improving the economic growth and visual appearances of its historic downtown district and adjacent U.S. Route 69 commercial corridor. These strategies include diversifying housing opportunities and maintaining Pryor’s older neighborhoods, adding new open space and recreational opportunities where needed, and investing in and building partnerships that enhance the community’s well-being, health, and overall quality of life.