Bright Future Comprehensive Plan

Louisburg, KS

The Lakota Group was engaged by the City of Louisburg to create a Comprehensive Plan that represents a clear, compelling vision and framework for Louisburg’s long-term growth, development and quality of life. The Plan is more than just a Comprehensive Plan—it’s the Bright Future Plan—a guiding document that builds on Louisburg’s assets and strengths while looking forward to an enhanced quality of life, new job opportunities, a revitalized downtown, and vibrant neighborhoods and shopping districts. The Bright Future Plan was created through a dynamic, democratic process that combined an analysis of physical, environmental, economic, and social characteristics with community input and participation. Through various implementation strategies, investment guides, and recommendations, the Plan will foster a physical, economic, and social environment that, in turn, creates a more livable, vibrant, and connected community. You can read the full plan here.