Belvidere 10-Year Historic Preservation Plan

Belvidere, IL

The Lakota Group along with the City of Belvidere, Illinois and Belvidere citizens and stakeholders, initiated a process to create a 10-Year Historic Preservation Plan — a plan that will guide local decision-making on the identification, conservation, and stewardship of Belvidere’s architecturally and historically significant buildings and places. Like many similarly-sized Midwestern communities, the City of Belvidere is seeking ways in which to encourage growth and economic development while preserving and maintaining the assets that make their communities distinct from others — assets that include traditional neighborhoods and downtown commercial districts, historic churches, schools, industrial buildings, and other heritage resources that contribute to a community’s sense of place, identity and quality of life. This 10-Year Historic Preservation Plan was created to provide a strategic direction for historic preservation in Belvidere — one that builds on past preservation successes, strengthens public-private partnerships, and promotes more certainty and predictability in the roles historic preservation will play going forward in shaping Belvedere’ s built environment and economic vitality.