Ashland Avenue BRT Land Use Development Guide

Chicago, Illinois

The Lakota Group led a multi-disciplinary team, including Duncan Associates, Goodman Williams Group, and TY Lin International, to create a land use development guide for the future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) planned for Ashland Avenue in Chicago. The plan specifically examined 14 station areas along a proposed 16-mile stretch of this major north-south corridor. The purpose of the guide is to take advantage of the opportunities BRT service can provide, including potential mixed-use development and infill, transit supported redevelopment, improved multi-modal connections, enhanced linkages to community facilities, higher density housing options, and improved neighborhood character. The document organizes the station areas into typologies based on their respective future physical potential, and provides recommendations for redevelopment using a form-based approach, as well as urban design enhancements relating to stations, streets, plazas, open spaces, and placemaking.