Saints Joseph and Francis Xavier Parish (Saints JFX) has engaged the Lakota Group, with the support of OKW Architects and Kimley-Horn, to prepare a cohesive Master Plan for the Parish in Wilmette, Illinois. The Saints JFX One Plan will serve as a forward-thinking vision to strategically reinvest in the right balance of academic, religious, recreation, and social spaces and allow leadership to budget and identify opportunities for funding of these initiatives. Collective dialogue with the broader communities of leadership, faculty, parish members, students, families, and other interested stakeholders is critical to develop a long-range action strategy to reinvest and improve both internal and external facilities. The final master plan will integrate the Saints JFX community voice into realistically achievable plans, balanced programming and operational improvements, and a clear timeline for implementation.

Why are we creating the One Plan — and why now?

The SJFX One Plan is a cohesive master plan for the parish that will serve as a long-term vision and investment strategy, guiding improvement and maintenance of our internal and external facilities. The One Plan will help make sound, strategic decisions about current spaces and help us evaluate the needs of the two campuses. The goal of the One Plan is to best meet the needs of the current community. There is no plan to change the structure of Saints JFX School or to expand beyond current enrollment.

The One Plan will help Saints JFX:

  1. Reinvest in the right balance of academic, religious, recreation, and social spaces.
  2. Provide the Parish facilities that support community building.
  3. Address deferred maintenance and continue to maintain facilities.
  4. Enhance the educational experience of the current student population.
  5. Support the teachers, faculty, and staff with their operational and programming needs.
  6. Improve operations and functionality of facilities.




Thank you to the 300+ participants who came out to support the One Plan during the September Visioning Town Halls and the 160+ survey respondents who shared their thoughts and ideas. This was just the beginning of engagement, check back soon for the next engagement opportunity that will happen in the first quarter of 2024. Below are the key community takeaways and check out the engagement summary for more!

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PHASE 1: ENGAGE. The focus of Phase 1 is to establish a dynamic “community” planning process that involves a wide range of stakeholders, including church and school leadership, to create a comprehensive information base to facilitate discussion and understanding of existing conditions and opportunities. The information and maps produced during this phase will determine and clearly define the Parish’s strengths, weaknesses, constraints, and opportunities, as well as form the basis for the master planning process.

PHASE 2: ANALYZE. During Phase 2, the Team will take all data, benchmark summaries, and consolidate the information into a simple State of the Parish Report. During this phase, the Team will also further examine and focus more specifically on existing site and building conditions, opportunities, constraints, and issues. Lakota’s planning and landscape architecture team will work closely with our architect/building/traffic team members and Steering Committee to evaluate more fully each of the campus’ facilities and develop a simple facility analysis, which will be part of the State of the Parish Report.

PHASE 3: ENVISION. During Phase 3, the Team will conduct a series of internal visioning sessions with the project team and Steering Committee, create and refine concepts and develop associated budgets for each Parish initiative. Additionally, we will host Open House events where the community can discuss and share ideas. This phase will culminate in the creation of a Final Master Plan direction that will include proposed site, building or operational enhancements, options, and strategies for both campuses.


All project exhibits, drafts, and final reports will be available for download below. Please check back for more information!

Meet the Team

The Lakota Group

The Lakota Group is leading this Master Planning Process. They have 30 years of experience in urban design, planning, landscape architecture, community engagement, and historic preservation. Learn more >

OKW Architects

OKW Architects is the team facilities architect. OKW Architects enhance and celebrate the integration of architectural, interior design, landscape and land planning expertise within a diverse group of market types. Learn more>


Kimley-Horn is the team traffic planner and engineer. As one of the nation’s premier planning and design consulting firms they offer full services including transportation planning and consulting. Learn more>