The Downtown Cary Strategic Plan is a collaboration between RTA and the Village of Cary to guide investment in Downtown Cary. The purpose is to create a strategic plan to identify, initiate, and implement design and development improvements to create a bustling, welcoming, safe, and fun downtown. We want your help to create a vision for downtown Cary with a focus on future land uses, connections, and infrastructure improvements that will encourage private investment near the Metra station. The following are key objectives that this Strategic Plan aims to achieve:




The first phase of the project establishes a dynamic community planning process and creates an information base to understand the existing conditions in Downtown Cary. During the second phase, the vision and goals of the plan are outlined, and concepts and recommendations for future land use and development are crafted. In the final phase, the Downtown Cary Strategic Plan and implementation strategy will be drafted, refined, and adopted with feedback from Village staff, residents, Steering Committee, and the Village Board.

Thank you to everyone for helping create the Downtown Cary Strategic Plan! We greatly appreciate your feedback.

Public input in the planning process is critical, as a successful plan must reflect the unique values and aspirations of the Cary community. In addition to hearing from community members through several public open houses, pop-up events, and online surveys, the plan engaged residents and business owners in thoughtful conversations about the future of Downtown Cary. Hearing the stories and insights of a wide range of people–those who are new to the Village; who have lived here for decades; who are just beginning to raise a family; and who are looking to downsize—helped build a deeper understanding of the possibilities for the Downtown.

Please share any thoughts or ideas for Downtown Cary Strategic Plan to the team via the contact section.

Check out the Final Downtown Cary Strategic Plan below!

We had our final Community Open House in-person on May 1st, download the PDF below to see the stations from the Open House!

We shared the alternative concepts for opportunity sites in Downtown Cary during our virtual Open House on February 10th, 2021. Download the PDF below to see the presentation and stay tuned for our summary of the Open House Q&A and poll results.

Our team has been working on alternative concepts for selective opportunity sites in Downtown Cary – download the PDF to check it out.

If you haven’t yet, check our Cary State of the Downtown, a report summarizing existing conditions and designed to be a strong foundation for phases 2 and 3 of this planning process.

If you couldn’t attend the virtual open house, make sure to download the summary below!

What are the unique strengths of Downtown Cary, and how can we build on those assets to create a strategy for future development?

Meet the Team

The Lakota Group

The Lakota Group has 25 years of experience in urban design, planning, landscape architecture, and historic preservation. The Lakota Group is leading the Downtown Cary Strategic Plan. Learn more >

Goodman Williams Group

Goodman Williams Group specializes in market feasibility analyses for individual properties, large development sites, downtowns, and redeveloping neighborhoods. Learn more >

Sam Schwartz

Sam Schwartz Consulting is a multimodal transportation planning and engineering firm that designs creative solutions for today’s mobility challenges. Sam Schwartz’s focus for this plan is parking and mobility. Learn more >

Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)

RTA, in cooperation with CMAP, has provided funding for the Downtown Cary Strategic Plan as a part of the 2019 Community Planning Program of Projects.

Village of Cary

The Village of Cary initiated and is leading the Downtown Cary Strategic Plan. Follow along with the Village on their Facebook page >