The City of Cumberland prepared a Historic Preservation Plan to provide a comprehensive assessment of the city’s historic preservation program and its role in the City’s broader planning processes. The Historic Preservation Plan, adopted by City Council on January 2nd, 2024, addresses preservation’s role in housing and neighborhood revitalization, the adaptive use of historic commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, preservation-based economic development, and heritage tourism. The Historic Preservation Plan also explored existing historic resources and highlighted future potential designations.

Developing the Plan required extensive outreach and community input through focus groups, public workshops, and an online community preservation survey. This included stakeholder engagement and focus group discussions, as well as two community open houses.

With this Historic Preservation Plan, the city hopes to build on past successes while recognizing that additional efforts are necessary to identify priority areas for preservation, reinvestment, and economic development and to shape and enhance Cumberland’s character.

We thank you for your support in developing the Cumberland Historic Preservation Plan! Scroll to the documents section below to download a copy of the Final Cumberland Historic Preservation Plan. 



2023 Project Schedule (Completed): 

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The Lakota Group is the project manager for this assignment, including community engagement, historic preservation program review, and historic preservation planning.

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