Winnetka Futures 2040 Has Moved into Plan Making!

On Wednesday, January 25, the Plan Commission is scheduled to review the draft Winnetka Futures 2040 Plan, the comprehensive plan for the Village of Winnetka. A copy of the draft plan can be found on the Village website. The community is invited to attend the January 25 meeting, which will start at 6:00 p.m. and will be held at the Village Hall Council Chambers.

The draft plan is a culmination of the community’s work, which started in the Fall of 2019. The draft plan is based upon information and community input gathered and summarized in the Village Existing Conditions Report, which was shared with the Village Council, Plan Commission, and the community at the end of 2020. The draft plan is also based upon the Visioning document, on which the Plan Commission worked during the first six months of 2022 and shared with the Village Council in July 2022. During September and October 2022, over 130 community members participated in open houses and overwhelmingly let us know that the draft vision statements, goals, and initiatives found in the Visioning document are in line with their future vision for the community.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on Winnetka’s vision for its future.


The Winnetka Futures 2040 Plan will explore how Winnetka can better understand and address changing times, such as a radically changed retail environment; transportation mobility innovations; an aging population; evolving housing preferences; changing work and commuting habits; and an increased focus on environmental issues and sustainability.  As a plural, “Winnetka Futures” communicates the many alternative possibilities available to Winnetka by the year 2040 and will inform high-level conversations about the future of the Village. How can we envision a future that meets the goals and aspirations of Winnetkans, regardless of their stage of life? That is what The Winnetka Futures 2040 Plan seeks to discover.

A comprehensive plan is a long-term vision for the community that serves as an official policy statement to guide the community’s future. By its nature, it is focused on physical development and is an all-inclusive, long-term approach to addressing future changes in a community. The Winnetka Futures 2040 Plan will build on the proud traditions of Winnetka while boldly looking ahead to a vibrant future. This plan will be the official roadmap for Village decisions over the next 20 years on issues including land use, economic development, natural resources, transportation, housing, and sustainability.

The Lakota Group, a land-use planning firm with both a national practice and strong roots in the community, has been selected to help lead the process, along with its team of sub-consultants including SB Friedman (market analysis & implementation strategies), Sam Schwartz (transportation & mobility), Strand Associates (infrastructure & implementation strategies) and Duncan Associates (zoning & development regulations).


Public input in the planning process is critical, as a successful plan must reflect the unique values and aspirations of the Winnetka community. In addition to hearing from community members through several public open houses, pop-up events, and online surveys, the Lakota Group will engage residents and business owners in thoughtful conversations about the future of the Village. Hearing the stories and insights of a wide range of people–those who are new to the Village; who have lived here for decades; who have families or who don’t; who have elderly parents here or who live alone; and even those who have not yet chosen Winnetka as their home—will help build a deeper understanding of the future possibilities for the Village.

The planning team engaged stakeholders through focus group discussions and will re-engage a group of community members to understand how Winnetka changed and adapted over the last year and a half.

Your input is crucial in this process, and we want to ensure that all residents can engage in the process without concern for their wellbeing. To stay up to date on project updates and upcoming events, sign up to receive emails via the website pop-up or by entering your name and email in the contact section.

The Winnetka Plan Commission is serving as the Steering Committee for this project. All Plan Commission meetings are open to the public and meeting materials are available for review below.

All plan documents will be posted in this section for review and download as they become available.

The Existing Conditions Report is ready for your review!

Please click on the link below to download a PDF version. Enjoy the read!

The Winnetka Futures: 2040 Plan will build on the proud tradition of Winnetka while boldly looking ahead to a vibrant future.

Meet the Team

The Lakota Group

The Lakota Group has 25 years of experience in urban design, planning, landscape architecture, and historic preservation. The Lakota Group is leading the Winnetka Futures: 2040 Plan. Learn more >

SB Friedman Development Advisors

SB Friedman is a specialized real estate and development advisory firm based in Chicago. SB Freidman’s focus for this plan is market analysis and implementation strategies. Learn more >

Sam Schwartz

Sam Schwartz Consulting is a multimodal transportation planning and engineering firm that designs creative solutions for today’s mobility challenges. Sam Schwartz’s focus for this plan is transportation and mobility. Learn more >

Strand Associates, Inc.

Strand Associates, Inc. has been providing exceptional civil and environmental engineering services to their clients since 1946. Strand’s focus for this plan is infrastructure and implementation strategies. Learn more >

Duncan Associates

Duncan Associates provides local government consulting services with a primary focus in revising zoning and development regulations and preparing impact fee studies. Duncan’s focus for this plan is zoning and development regulations. Learn more >