Winnetka Futures 2040 adopted by Village Council!

On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, the Village Council approved an ordinance adopting the Winnetka Futures 2040 Plan as the Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Winnetka.  A comprehensive plan is a long-term vision for the community that serves as an official policy statement to guide the community’s future.

The draft plan is a culmination of the community’s work, which started in the Fall of 2019, just before the onset of the pandemic.  The work on the plan was put on pause while we all adjusted our daily lives during the earlier days of the pandemic.   That pause provided us with the opportunity, through the work of our consultant team, to hear a second time from residents, business owners, institutions, and the development community through a series of focus groups, stakeholder meetings, meetings with Village boards and commissions, and Jefferson Dinners.  In addition, we held two community open houses both in-person and on-line to provide community members an opportunity to share with us their vision for Winnetka.  The Commission itself spent thirteen meetings working on the Comprehensive Plan; all of which were open to the public.  In addition, the Commission held two joint meetings with the Village Council to discuss work on the plan.  Through all this community outreach and public meetings, a Plan was prepared that represents community members’ vision for the Village’s future.


The Winnetka Plan Commission served as the Steering Committee for this project and made a formal recommendation regarding the adoption of the Plan to the Village Council. All Plan Commission and Village Council meetings were open to the public and meeting materials are available for review below.

Please click on the link below to download a PDF version of the Existing Conditions Report or PDF version of the adopted Winnetka Futures 2040: Comprehensive Plan. Enjoy the read!

The Winnetka Futures: 2040 Plan will build on the proud tradition of Winnetka while boldly looking ahead to a vibrant future.

Meet the Team

The Lakota Group

The Lakota Group has 25 years of experience in urban design, planning, landscape architecture, and historic preservation. The Lakota Group is leading the Winnetka Futures: 2040 Plan. Learn more >

SB Friedman Development Advisors

SB Friedman is a specialized real estate and development advisory firm based in Chicago. SB Freidman’s focus for this plan is market analysis and implementation strategies. Learn more >

Sam Schwartz

Sam Schwartz Consulting is a multimodal transportation planning and engineering firm that designs creative solutions for today’s mobility challenges. Sam Schwartz’s focus for this plan is transportation and mobility. Learn more >

Strand Associates, Inc.

Strand Associates, Inc. has been providing exceptional civil and environmental engineering services to their clients since 1946. Strand’s focus for this plan is infrastructure and implementation strategies. Learn more >

Duncan Associates

Duncan Associates provides local government consulting services with a primary focus in revising zoning and development regulations and preparing impact fee studies. Duncan’s focus for this plan is zoning and development regulations. Learn more >