The City of Sun Prairie has embarked on the creation of a vision and redevelopment plan for the corner of Main and Bristol, the site of the July 2018 gas leak and explosion. The community’s sense of pride and incredible resiliency following the tragedy was represented by the #sunprairiestrong campaign. This process builds on that collective coming together to celebrate the heritage of the area and traditions of the community, as well as leverage this once-in-a-hundred-year opportunity to define the future of Sun Prairie.

The final plan will reflect many voices—residents, property and business owners, and stakeholders—and will work to redevelop the heart of the community. The result? A clear path to a sustainable, vibrant, and inspirational place that honors the history of the site.


The Planning process is composed of four phases: Analyze, Engage, Envision, and Implement. During Analyze and Engage phases, the planning team will be assessing the site’s existing conditions and engaging the community through different platforms to prepare the “State of the Area Report”. The Envision phase focuses on developing site concepts with guidance from the project’s steering committee. These concepts will be presented to the community in a second community open house for additional feedback and that phase will result in finalized site concepts. The Implement phase outlines the action plan that will guide the City of Sun Prairie to bringing this plan to life!


Thank you to all who attended the Sun Prairie Multicultural Fair on Saturday, September 28! Our team presented three refined development concepts based on feedback from the second open house. Additional feedback was provided on these three concepts, which will be used to formalize a final plan for the area. If you weren’t able to attend the Multicultural Fair, please take the online survey to provide your input on the refined development concepts!



The State of the Area report, which summarizes the first two phases of this planning process including the planning team’s analysis and a summary of the community engagement efforts thus far, is available to download! Click on the PDF link below.




Couldn’t make it to the third community open house? Below are the three refined redevelopment scenarios that were discussed, along with preferred elements that came out of the second open house, which reflect the type of architecture, public realm, and open spaces envisioned for the redevelopment scenarios. Click on the PDF links below to view or download.



The Lakota Group

The Lakota Group has 25 years of experience in urban design, planning, landscape architecture, and historic preservation and will be leading the redevelopment plan and community engagement process for the Sun Prairie Stronger Plan. Learn more >