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Sun Prairie – Workshop #2 recording


The City of Sun Prairie has embarked on a housing needs assessment, working with The Lakota Group, a Chicago-based urban planning and design firm, alongside SB Friedman, a housing and economic development consulting firm. This housing study will provide City staff, elected officials, and the Sun Prairie community a better understanding of the housing market, housing challenges, and current and future unmet needs. Housing for All will consider ways to manage change and balance community needs, while embracing the Sun Prairie history and heritage moving forward, to ensure there are housing opportunities for all.



This housing assessment is intended to understand existing housing conditions and identify strategies to advance the future of housing in the community. The Housing for All Plan is an eight-month process that focuses on four main phases:

Phase 1: Project Kick-off

Reviewing existing housing studies and data, and crafting a thorough community engagement plan.

Phase 2: Demographic & Economic Analysis

Analyzing existing conditions, opportunities, and constraints; engaging local stakeholders; and creating a solid foundation for the next phases.

Phase 3: Housing Stock, Trends, Market Analysis and Projections

Evaluating existing housing stock and developing a residential demand forecast model, to be shared with the community at large.

Phase 4: Strategy Development (We are here!)

Finalizing the housing and strategy plan, including policies, strategies, and program recommendations, along with a Housing for All plan briefing book.


Take the online survey and join the virtual community workshop. For a better understanding of how your thoughts and feedback will be used in the next phases of the Housing for All Plan, please check out the information below!




Stay in the loop and check out the latest Community Development Authority (CDA) meeting which focused on existing housing conditions in Sun Prairie. Click on the link below to view the Zoom meeting recording!

Click here for the CDA meeting recording. 

As part of this initiative, the City of Sun Prairie will undertake a meaningful, all-inclusive public participation program that engages community members, residents, and property owners, among other interested stakeholders. An open and transparent public engagement effort will help gather input and feedback throughout the process to envision the future of housing in Sun Prairie.

Your insights, opinions, and ideas regarding housing today and the future of housing in Sun Prairie are important to us as we move forward with this planning process. There will be several ways you can share your input. Over the coming months, starting in May, the City and planning team will conduct stakeholder interviews, conduct a community open house, as well as post an online survey questionnaire.

In the meantime, please share any thoughts or ideas to the team via the contact section below.


Want to learn more about existing housing conditions in Sun Prairie? Download the PDF presentation below and share your thoughts with our team via the contact section below. We really appreciate your commitment to this planning process and look forward to hearing from you!

What are some of Sun Prairie’s housing challenges? Share your comments in the contact section below!

Meet the Team

The Lakota Group

The Lakota Group has 28 years of experience in urban planning and community engagement. The Lakota Group is leading the engagement and outreach for the Sun Prairie Housing for All Plan. Learn more >

SB Friedman

SB Friedman has extensive national and regional experience in housing assessments and economic development consulting. SB Friedman is leading the housing assessment for the Sun Prairie Housing for All Plan. Learn more >