Our District: The Oswegoland Park District is a governmental agency responsible for acquiring, developing, and maintaining natural areas, parks, and leisure time facilities for area residents. The District also plans, develops and implements a wide range of recreational programs and activities that reflect the interests of all age groups in the Oswegoland community.

Our Purpose: We create opportunities for a healthy community!

Our Approach: Oswegoland Park District Comprehensive Plan maximizes community input, pairing it with both Park District staff’s knowledge and experience and our team’s resources and expertise. The Plan will capitalize on Oswegoland’s existing assets, including 63 parks across 1,290 acres, 3 facilities, programs, and staff operations. Our approach, organized into four phases, will provide a high-quality, flexible plan for the future of the Oswegoland Park District.  

The Lakota Team: a Chicago based urban planning and landscape architecture team, understands that there is immediacy and importance to updating a Comprehensive Plan. Communities today must respond and be resilient to the various planning efforts, plan for needed investments in various systems, ensure the adequate and equitable distribution of community services, promote quality-built environments, and consider the integration of natural resources in the enhancement of citizen health, recreation, and quality of life. 

Monster Mash Bash Pop-Up Workshop was a success! More than 95 community members joined the PlantoPlay booth and shared their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. For a quick summary of the workshop material, please click on the documents tab and download “Fast Facts about the Oswegoland Park District” to stay up to date with the Planning team’s findings.

We’ve captured some of the moments for you!




The planning effort includes four key phases: Analyze, Engage, Envision, and Implement. We are currently in the Analyze phase!


Analyze, is primarily focused on initiating the community engagement conversations. Our team aims to include the community throughout the entire planning process for community engagement is the foundation of all our planning projects. In our process, we aim to actively engage them in information gathering, idea and strategy generation, and action planning.

Through over twenty years of facilitating successful community engagement processes as part of many planning assignments, we have developed and adapted our outreach program to include community dialogue at all levels and through various mediums. Each program is tailored to a community’s individual character and unique goals in a process that is creative, logical, and participatory.

Check the website regularly to find out how you can participate in the PlanToPlay process!

The Comprehensive Plan process is sponsored by Oswegoland Park District, working alongside a consulting team led by The Lakota Group—a Chicago firm specializing in community planning and design.

The Lakota Group

Project manager with experience in comprehensive planning, master planning community engagement, landscape architecture, sustainable design, corridor planning, downtown planning, and implementation strategies. Learn more >

ETC Institute

ETC Institute specializes in the design and administration of market research and statistically-valid surveys for governmental organizations. Learn more

Gewalt Hamilton Associates

Gewalt Hamilton Associates is a multi-disciplinary organization providing comprehensive services in the fields of Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Construction Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning, Traffic Data Collection, and Environmental Consulting. Learn more

Heller & Heller Consulting

Heller and Heller is synonymous with innovation in the Parks and Recreation Management field and provides strategic planning services, recreation program assessments, operational assessments, and organization culture / change management services across the US. Learn more

Dewberry Architects

Dewberry Architects provides a full complement of services in architecture and interior design. Their collaborative team of professionals includes experts in programming, design, sustainability, production, and construction administration. Learn more