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The Village of Itasca has partnered with The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) to create a Strategic Action Plan for its downtown with the support of The Lakota Group, Fish Transportation Group and Market & Feasibility Advisors. The purpose of this plan is to create a vision for Downtown Itasca and the surrounding area that leverages existing transportation facilities and infrastructure, real estate development opportunities, and community involvement to create a downtown that is a welcoming and an active meeting place for residents and visitors.

We want your help to create a vision for Downtown Itasca that will further enhance the area and supports reinvestment surrounding the Village’s Metra station! With your help we will create a vision for the downtown and make recommendations for land use, economic development, design and quality of life improvements, as well as pedestrian, accessibility and transportation improvements.

Help us make Downtown Itasca the best it can be!


The planning area is largely focused on Downtown Itasca and the general ½ mile area surrounding the Metra Station. It also includes the Irving Park Road corridor west to Interstate 290. The project area is loosely defined by Center Street to the north, Cherry Street to the east, Bloomingdale Road and Grove Street to the south, and 290 to the west.




The Village hosted a socially distant Community Open House at Village Hall, Thursday September 23rd from 6:30-8:30pm, to discuss how we can make Downtown Itasca the best it can be! Missed the open house, no problem, take a look through the exhibits to see what was discussed and click the image below to take the follow up survey.

Thank you to all who took our first community survey and shared ideas for the future and vision for Downtown Itasca. We appreciate your time and input to help shape and improve Downtown Itasca! Check out the State of the Downtown below to see the results of the survey and learn more about the planning team’s initial analysis of existing conditions in Downtown Itasca.

All-inclusive community engagement is a crucial part of the process to create a successful Downtown Strategic Plan. Public participation for this plan will engage community members, residents, Village staff, and property owners, among other interested stakeholders. An open and transparent public engagement effort will help gather input and feedback, throughout the process, to envision the future of Downtown Itasca. Your insights, opinions, and ideas regarding the future of Downtown Itasca are important to us as we move forward with this planning process. There will be several ways you can share your input over the coming months, including stakeholder interviews, community workshops, as well as online survey questionnaires like the short one above.

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All community engagement exhibits and final reports will be available for download below. The State of the Downtown Report, an analysis of the existing conditions of Downtown Itasca, is now available for download – Let us know what you think!


Meet the Team

The Lakota Group

The Lakota Group has 27 years of experience in urban design, planning, landscape architecture, and historic preservation. The Lakota Group is leading the Downtown Itasca Strategic Plan. Learn more >

Market & Feasibility Advisors

Market & Feasibility Advisors provides timely in-depth data, comprehensive analysis, and sustainable strategies for public, private, and non-profit clients. Learn more >

Fish Transportation Group

Fish Transportation Group specializes in multimodal transportation planning in urban and downtown locations. They provide expertise focused on the integration of transportation, land use, and community factors, working to improve mobility for all users of the transportation system Learn more >

Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)

RTA, has provided funding for the Downtown Itasca Strategic Plan as a part of the 2019 Community Planning Program of Projects.

Village of Itasca

The Village of Itasca initiated and is leading the Downtown Itasca Strategic Plan. Follow along with the Village on their Facebook page >