Join us for a Community Workshop Wednesday, May 31st at Village Links of Glen Ellyn in the Blue Heron Room to discuss Glen Ellyn housing challenges! There will be a presentation from 7-8pm followed by an hour to explore informative and interactive boards in an informal open house format. 



We want to hear from you! The more we learn about your aspirations as it relates to housing in Glen Ellyn, the more tailored this housing assessment will be! As part of this initiative, the Village of Glen Ellyn will undertake a meaningful, all-inclusive public participation program that engages community members, residents, and property owners, among other interested stakeholders. An open and transparent public engagement effort will help gather input and feedback throughout the process to envision the future of housing in the Village.

Your insights, opinions, and ideas regarding housing today and into the future are important to us as we move forward with this planning process. To get the community’s feedback, team has conducted two pop-up events, one at the Library and another at the YMCA. Additionally, over 700 Glen Ellyn residents participated in an online survey to express their housing needs, priorities, and aspirations! A Community Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, May 31st at Village Links of Glen Ellyn in the Blue Heron Room to discuss Glen Ellyn housing challenges.

In the meantime, we would love to hear your initial thoughts or ideas via the contact section below.


As communities grow and change, it is critical to ensure the housing stock matches the needs of the community. The Village Board requested to expand housing to enhance the diversity of the existing Village’s housing stock and create further options that meet the needs of current and future community members. Increasing the diversity of housing and adding attainable housing units were also both identified as goals in the 2021 draft comprehensive plan.

The Village is therefore conducting a housing needs assessment and study to understand current housing conditions, project future housing needs, and identify initial housing policies tailored to the Village to ensure suitable housing is available to Glen Ellyn residents and employees. SB Friedman, a housing and economic development consulting firm, alongside The Lakota Group, a Chicago-based urban planning and design firm that specializes in community engagement, are assisting the Village of Glen Ellyn with this effort.

Below are photos representing current housing in the Village of Glen Ellyn.


What are some of Glen Ellyn's housing challenges? Share your comments in the contact section below!

Meet the Team

SB Friedman

SB Friedman has extensive national and regional experience in housing assessments and economic development consulting. SB Friedman is leading the housing assessment for the Village of Glen Ellyn. Learn more >

The Lakota Group

The Lakota Group has 28 years of experience in urban planning and community engagement. The Lakota Group is supporting the team with engagement and outreach for the Glen Ellyn Housing Assessment. Learn more >