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TheCitywide Historic Preservation Plan provides a roadmap for Erie’s newly-created Historic Preservation Program. This Plan helps the City identify historic resources and understand the roles these resources play as part of Erie’s character, economic development, and quality of life – for Erie’s residents and visitors, and for Erie’s future generations. A key objective was to conduct a thorough community engagement process that garnered participation and input from Erie residents.  

By preparing the Citywide Plan, the City of Erie, and the Historic Review Commission (HRC), are looking to provide a means to incorporate preservation in future comprehensive planning processes that includes input from Erie stakeholders. In addition, the Citywide Plan guides the City of Erie and the HRC in its programming and policy decision-making. 

The Citywide Plan is relevant to the HRC, City of Erie departments, local preservation advocacy organizations and cultural institutions, community development organizations, contractors, developers, property owners, and the citizens of Erie. The Citywide Plan provides goals and objectives that address a variety of preservation issues and are achievable to implement. 

The planning process included many opportunities for public participation, such as focus groups, workshops, and open houses. 

Previous engagement included the following Community Workshops: 



Phase 1 of the Historic Preservation Plan includes: 


Phase 2 of the Historic Preservation Plan includes: 

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The Lakota Group is the project manager for this assignment, including community engagement, historic preservation program review, historic preservation planning, and report production.

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