The City of Denton has initiated a planning process to update its Historic Preservation Plan. Community-supported preservation planning policies and recommendations that build on prior preservation programs and initiatives, along with key implementation strategies for short and long-term actions will be the end result of this process. Denton residents have shown commitment to preserving their city and have paved the way to a successful Plan.  The City of Denton has engaged The Lakota Group and a team of consultants to complete the Historic Preservation Plan.

The Lakota Team: a Chicago based urban planning and landscape architecture team, understands that there is immediacy and importance to updating a Historic Preservation Plan. Communities today must respond and be resilient to the various planning efforts, plan for needed investments in various systems, ensure the adequate and equitable distribution of community services, promote quality-built environments, and consider the integration of natural resources in the enhancement of citizen health, recreation, and quality of life.

The process was comprised of two major phases:

Phase 1: State of the City
Phase 2: Strategic Historic Preservation Plan



City of Denton has a rich and varied heritage that manifests itself in our treasure trove of Historic and Cultural properties. These irreplaceable assets help establish a distinctive character and sense of place. Learn more




Through over twenty years of facilitating successful community engagement processes as part of many planning assignments, we have developed and adapted our outreach program to include community dialogue at all levels and through various mediums. Each program is tailored to a community’s individual character and unique goals in a process that is creative, logical, and participatory.

Historic Preservation Plan Adopted

Denton Historic Preservation Plan was adopted on October 22, 2019. Click on the PDF link below to download!

Denton Historic Preservation Plan will help guide the City of Denton, residents, business owners, and other important stakeholders on further maintaining and managing current and future Denton's Historic Districts.

The Lakota Group

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CLUE Group

The Community Land Use and Economics Group is a small, specialized consulting
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Moseley Architects

Moseley Architects specializes in rehabbing historic buildings and provides comprehensive professional architectural, engineering, and interior design solutions to clients seeking responsive and reliable facility planning and design services, as well as specialized expertise. Learn more