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The City of Burlington is undertaking a collaborative planning process with community residents and stakeholders to create a Comprehensive Plan. City of Burlington Vision Plan 2040 will outline important policies and strategies related to land use and development, downtown, housing and neighborhoods, open spaces and natural resources, transportation, historic preservation, quality of life, infrastructure and capital improvements, and community sustainability and resiliency. 

City of Burlington Vision Plan 2040 will capitalize on the community’s existing assets including its traditional downtown core and neighborhoods, location along the Fox River and nearby lakes, quality of life amenities, and rich history. The plan seeks to visualize and assess the appropriate land use mix, community character, housing and economic development needs – while considering planning strategies for sustainable growth, enhancing community appearance, and adding new recreational and open space amenities. 

The Comprehensive plan will build upon recent efforts by the City – including the Downtown Master Plan, the Racine County Multi-Jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan 2035, and the County Park, Open Space, and Trails Plan. Additionally, this plan will consider the Western Racine County Target Development Area study. 


City of Burlington Vision Plan 2040 is a three phased planning process: 

PHASE 1: ANALYZE (July 2020 – November 2020) 
The goal of Phase 1 is to analyze existing conditions and better understand the community character, demographics, competitive marketplace, land use mix, and infrastructure systems. As part of Phase 1, our team will conduct two focus group discussions with civic leaders, City staff, business/property owners, and key stakeholders.  

PHASE 2: VISIONING (November 2020- February 2021) 
The goal of Phase 2 is to explore and test a range of ideas, strategies, and concepts for future improvements to key opportunity areas in the City of Burlington. As part of Phase 2, our team will conduct an Open House, which will allow for a wide range of community input. The range of ideas developed by the team, with feedback from the community, will evolve into defined plans and policies as we move into the Final Vision 2040 Plan Phase. 

PHASE 3: 2040 PLAN (February 2021– April 2021) 
The goal of Phase 3 is to synthesize and finalize the concepts and policy formation from the Visioning phase and create the Vision Plan 2040. 


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This process provides you and members of your community a unique opportunity to participate and communicate your vision for the City of Burlington in 2040.  

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The Lakota Group has over 25 years of experience in urban design, planning, landscape architecture, and historic preservation. The Lakota Group is leading the City of Burlington 2040 Plan. Learn more >