The Burlington Vision 2040 Plan has been approved, thank you to everyone who supported this endeavor! View the final Comprehensive Plan and Implementation Matrix to learn more.

The City of Burlington undertook a collaborative planning process with community residents and stakeholders to create the Comprehensive Plan. City of Burlington Vision Plan 2040 outlines important policies and actions related to land use and development, downtown, housing and neighborhoods, open spaces and natural resources, transportation, historic preservation, quality of life, infrastructure and capital improvements, and community sustainability and resiliency. 

City of Burlington Vision Plan 2040 capitalizes on the community’s existing assets including its traditional downtown core and neighborhoods, location along the Fox River and nearby lakes, quality of life amenities, and rich history. The plan seeks to visualize and assess the appropriate land use mix, community character, housing and economic development needs – while considering planning strategies for sustainable growth, enhancing community appearance, and adding new recreational and open space amenities. 

The Comprehensive Plan builds upon recent efforts by the City – including the Downtown Master Plan, the Racine County Multi-Jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan 2035, and the County Park, Open Space, and Trails Plan. Additionally, this plan will consider the Western Racine County Target Development Area study. 


City of Burlington Vision Plan 2040 was a three phased planning process: 

PHASE 1: ANALYZE (July 2020 – November 2020) 
The goal of Phase 1 is to analyze existing conditions and better understand the community character, demographics, competitive marketplace, land use mix, and infrastructure systems. As part of Phase 1, our team will conduct two focus group discussions with civic leaders, City staff, business/property owners, and key stakeholders.  

PHASE 2: VISIONING (November 2020- April 2021) 
The goal of Phase 2 is to explore and test a range of ideas, strategies, and concepts for future improvements to key opportunity areas in the City of Burlington. As part of Phase 2, our team will conduct an Open House, which will allow for a wide range of community input. The range of ideas developed by the team, with feedback from the community, will evolve into defined plans and policies as we move into the Final Vision 2040 Plan Phase. 

PHASE 3: 2040 PLAN (May 2021– October 2022) 
The goal of Phase 3 is to synthesize and finalize the concepts and policy formation from the Visioning phase and create the Vision Plan 2040. 

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and ideas during this planning process!

The City of Burlington hosted a Community Open House Saturday May 21st at the Department of Public Works Community Room to share the goals, policies, and actions of the comprehensive plan. During the Community Open House, the planning team engaged participants through a series of exercises to help the City prioritize planning initiatives moving forward. Thank you to everyone who came out, we greatly value your participation and assistance in this task. If you missed the open house view the exhibits to see what was discussed!

Please share any thoughts or ideas for the City of Burlington Vision 2040 Plan to the team via the contact section below.

Our team will be sharing planning documents and reports throughout the planning process. Documents are provided below.

Burlington Vision 2040 – Community Webinar – summarizes existing conditions and introduces four different scenarios for Burlington’s future growth.

Burlington Vision 2040 – State of the City Report – summarizes the existing condition findings to inform the Burlington’s Vision 2040.

Burlington Vision 2040 – December 8 Workshop Summary – summarizes the Q&A and poll results from the December 8th community webinar.

Burlington Vision 2040 – Preferred Scenario Summary – summarizes the preferred scenario of the December 8th community webinar where participants voted on different elements of various long-term growth scenarios and their overall scenario preference.

Burlington Vision 2040 – March 9 Workshop Summary – summarizes the Q&A and poll results from the March 9th community webinar.

Burlington Vision 2040 – March 9 Workshop Video – click here to download the recording from the March 9th community webinar.

Burlington Vision 2040 – Land Use Strategy – summarizes the land use strategy that will inform the final document.

Burlington Vision 2040 – 5.21.2022 Open House Exhibits – view the exhibits from the May Community Open House to see what was discussed.

Burlington Vision 2040 – Comprehensive Plan – view the approved Comprehensive Plan.

Burlington Vision 2040 – Implementation Matrix – view the approved Comprehensive Plan Implementation Matrix.

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