The City of Belvidere has initiated a community planning process to prepare a 10-Year Historic Preservation Plan. This Plan seeks to create a set of community-supported preservation planning policies and recommendations that build on prior preservation programs and initiatives. The Plan also seeks to address preservation issues that are of critical importance to the citizens of Belvidere. The 10-Year Historic Preservation Plan will also focus on key implementation strategies that identify important implementation partners and key short and long-term actions. The City has engaged the Lakota Group, a preservation planning firm based in Chicago, Illinois to help create the Plan.

The process for preparing the Plan is comprised of two major phases:

Phase 1: State of the City

Phase 2: Strategic Historic Preservation Plan


The 10-Year Historic Preservation Plan is ready! Make sure to click the PDF link below and enjoy the fun read!

The creation of this Plan depends on you! A well-researched and prepared Historic Preservation Plan is one that is produced with the input and participation of the citizens and stakeholders of Belvidere. Along these lines, direct involvement by community members is not only welcomed, but strongly encouraged – we want your input!

The Lakota Group