CLICK HERE to participate in the Virtual Open House! CLICK HERE to download the PDF version of the Open House! What individual buildings or sites in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County do you think are important to preserve? What stories of local people, places and history do you think are important? Let us know your thoughts!

Also, do not forget to check out the Draft State of the County Report. CLICK HERE to view the Draft SOTC Report!

The Anaconda Local Development Corporation has initiated a planning process to prepare a Historic Preservation Plan for Anaconda-Deer Lodge County. The central objectives of this plan are to assess the community’s historic preservation program and policies, establish historic contexts, make recommendations for identifying historic resources and potential designations, assess preservation’s role in the broader planning process, and conduct a thorough community engagement program.  In addition, The Lakota Group will prepare a set of design guidelines to assist local stakeholders, property owners and the Historic Resources Board in making informed decisions regarding historic preservation activities.

Communities like Anaconda-Deer Lodge County understand that historic preservation contributes to community vitality and building the creative industries, local identity and pride of place. With this Historic Preservation Plan, the community desires to build on past successes while recognizing that additional efforts are necessary to identify priority areas for preservation that shape and enhance the community’s character and quality of life. The Anaconda Local Development Corporation has engaged The Lakota Group, a preservation planning firm based in Chicago, Illinois to help create the plan.


Phase 1: State of the County (November 2020 – February 2021) CLICK HERE to view the Draft SOTC Report!

Phase 2: Historic Preservation Plan (March 2021 – May 2021)

The project timeline below provides an overview of the two phases with related project milestones.

A well-researched and prepared historic preservation plan involves the input and participation of the citizens and stakeholders of Anaconda-Deer Lodge County. Along these lines, direct involvement by community members is welcome and strongly encouraged.

There are several ways you can stay informed and share your feedback throughout the planning process.

CLICK HERE to participate in the Virtual Open House!

SHARE the community event flyers with your friends and family!

Historic Preservation Plan Project Website:
•  Check for project updates
•  Take surveys and view the results (coming soon)

Community Workshops:
•  Learn about and discuss the County’s historic preservation program
•  Share your ideas on preservation plan issues and strategies

Social Media:
•  Look for project and event updates on Facebook and Instagram


In the meantime, please share any thoughts or ideas for the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Historic Preservation Plan to the project team via the contact section below. Your contact information will be saved in the project email list and updates will be sent your way for engagement opportunities and planning process milestones.

All plan documents will be posted for review and download in the section below.

The Lakota Group

We bring creative solutions that inspire action and result in beautiful, people-driven places. Our firm has 25 years of experience in urban design, planning, landscape architecture, and historic preservation. Our mission is to create plans that build connections between people, their environments, and their history. This is perfectly reflected in our name. Lakota, the Native American word for Allies.

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