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Dena van der Wal PLA, ASLA

Associate, Landscape Architecture

Dena is a landscape architect and designer. She has significant experience with ecologically-focused projects and strives to consider the needs of the entire community of life when designing outdoor spaces. Her portfolio of work includes public parks, urban plazas, transit-oriented developments, amenity decks/green roofs, and nature-based playgrounds. Actively engaged with all phases of projects, she is fascinated by the process by which an initial design concept transforms into logical construction documents, and finally takes shape in the physical world.


Dena strongly believes in the benefits of spending time in beautiful outdoor spaces, and the connection between healthy environments, quality of life, and social justice. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Chicago, and a Master of Landscape Architecture  from the Illinois Institute of Technology. She is actively engaged in community gardening efforts in the neighborhood of Bowmanville and is involved in the Illinois chapter of the American Society for Landscape Architects.