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Cade Sterling


Cade’s experience and expertise lie in architectural research, land use planning, urban design, and the role of culturally expressive landscapes in the built environment. Cade also brings a valuable and unique skill set in residential garden design, participatory design, and design-build projects.

Cade’s upbringing in rural Northwest Montana and his childhood family trips backpacking throughout the West instilled a deep love of the natural world. His work reflects his belief that the ultimate goal for the built environment should not be grandiose interventions, but rather nurturing and guiding social interaction and community engagement towards a thickening of human scale community within an ecologically rich environment.

At Lakota, Cade provides his expertise on both award-winning landscape architecture and planning projects, helping to engage communities in sustainable development practices, planning initiatives, and implementation strategies. Cade holds both a Master and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Idaho.